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Previous Investments

The following are a selection of investments that were made into a portfolio of companies which have now been fully divested:

Mouteou Parentis Ltd - a multi million euro joint venture investment undertaken with a French developer to complete a 160 unit development in the South West of France. The investment was made in 2005 and fully divested in 2007 and achieved a 48% Internal Rate of Return.

Aran Asset Management Ltd - a multi million euro investment made in 2004 to take advantage of the opportunities available in Capital Markets and Leveraged Finance Areas in Ireland, UK and new EU accession countries. An Internal Rate of Return of 23% was achieved upon divestment in 2009.

Overseas Real Estate Agency - investment made into an Overseas Real Estate Agency commercialising Overseas Property into the Irish and UK markets. The investment was made in 2005 and achieved a 121% Internal Rate of Return when divested in 2009.